M.C.Overalls x BIF

Matt Hart is a world-renowned guru in innovation and ideas generation for corporates and increasingly kids: Better Ideas Faster or BIF. He has worked with the likes of MTV, BBCR1, Sony Music, Spotify, Cisco & Unilever.

We both share a belief that linear careers are largely a thing of myth and legend now. In which case, young people need to recalibrate the way they navigate those early stepping stones in the workplace to understand what they're good at and where they create optimal value in the world. Learning by doing. Bleeding for it.

So we collaborated on a new learning programme called ‘O-1’ inspiring students at University of Westminster Fashion & Marketing course to think about what skills they might learn, apply and pay forward as they move into the workplace.

We ran a sprint day at the University exploring how to think about building and applying relevant skillsets. Then we hosted a series of workshops in our store on different aspects of the business of fashion, with some luminaries we admire who've done the hard yards like Rob, menswear buyer at The Hambledon and Molly & Joel from Desmond & Dempsey.